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The New Smyrna Beach (NSB) Cruiser

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I have had my FJ for over two years now and have been on this forum since December 2007. I guess it is about time I started a build up thread.

My theme is "How it should have came from Toyota" or "Factory Off-Road Package" either way it should turn out to be a more capable yet good looking FJ.

I did every mod my self with help from the forum of course.

Well Ok...I lied. I didn't mount my tires and my local 4X4 shop assembled my front struts for me(compressing heavy springs like that scared me a little). Other than that I did all my own mods.

Lets start where it all began. I was looking for a new SUV, my Land Rover Discovery II was showing it's age. I got my first Toyota in June of 2006, it only had 7 miles on it! I found it in Pennsylvania. Then I got a job in Florida and packed the FJ up and headed south, I left PA with 19 miles on it. I guess the trip broke it in. But with a Toyota it isn't really broken in till it hits 100,000 miles. Enough about me, FJ time.

2007, Black Diamond, 4X4, Automatic, upgrade package 1, running boards, Locking Rear Diff, A-Trac, everything but the subwoofer

Before any mods

Current picture

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I like all your mods, especially the glove compartment and accent lighting!
Your wife is very creative and thoughtful! :)
1 - 2 of 106 Posts
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