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The Rock

From the beginning
After a few changes in direction about doing some major mods to my FJ , then deciding to change the motor and s/c , then a few other ideas, After the new TT came out in the Cement color. I toyed with the idea of getting a new one. Then, one came in and I decided to look at it.
12/12/12, I went down and signed the papers .
Here's where the build begins.

2013 Cement TT. Notable mods that are new to me are, Crawl Control and Rear View Camera

"The Rock"
Welcome to The Rock Offroad
It seems like I rack my brain trying come up with a a name and the meaning behind it. This time it was simple, FJess, thought it looked like a rock . Thank you Jess.

Current pic, as of 9/23/13

Updated picture November 3rd 2013, the night before leaving for SEMA

Featured at
Overland Expo May 2013 Flagstaff AZ
SEMA Booth , November 2013 Las Vegas NV
TCT Magazine January 2014
Overland Expo May 2014
FJ Cruisers Summit July 2014
Poster feature for Demello Offroad
Webpage cover Baja Designs
Brochure cover Baja Designs

Mods list


2013 TT
Crawl Control
Rear View Camera
All the TT Garnishes

Icon Stage 6 with CDC
Icon S2 remotes with CDC
Icon rear bump stops

Total Chaos Spindle gussets/with swaybar
Ricochet Full skid plates
Icon LCA skid for S2 System
Demello X Wing Sliders
Demello Rally Front Bumper
Demello 3 piece rear bumper Prototype swing out
Boztec Dif Armor
Redline Landcruiser link skids
Superwinch 12.500 Talon
Synthetic Winch line, Factor 55 thimble and hitch adapter


Method 17x8.5 NV's Machined
Method 16x8 NV's Machined

General Grabber Red Letters 35/12.50/17
General Grabber AT'2s 295/75/16

TRD Big Brake Kit

Odyssey PC 2150 battery
Kenwood 9990HD Head Unit
Alpine PDX V9-5 channel amp
Infinity Kappa 60.11cs component speakers
Focal CVX Coaxials
JL Audio 12" Stealth box
Kenwood 710 Dual band Ham
Boztec Antenna mount
I-Pad Retina for navigation
Ram Mounts
ExtremeAir Magnum Air Compressor, 2 gallon tank, Extreme Outback Products
Engel 45
portable cb, somewhere
Scan Gauge II
S-Pod/ Dirty Parts Switch panel
Dynamat Extreme and insulation of ceiling (post 153)
Katzkin Leather seats

Airaid CAI
Magnaflow SS Cat Back
RK Sport Ram Air Hood
Sprint Booster

Baja Racks Utility Rack
Spylight Articulating Light Bar Actuator (inventor)
Baja Designs 40 " Stealth Bar
Baja Designs Squadron XL's on the bumper (4)
Baja Designs 20" OnX amber (inside front bumper)
Baja Designs 8" OnX Wide driving (in front corners)
Baja Designs 20" Stealth Bar (amber) rear facing
Baja Designs S2"s 3x3 per side
Baja Designs 3x3 Squadrons (in rear corners)
Grape Solar 105 noncrystalline panel
Sunforce Charger

Other Stuff
Hornblaster Train horn
Husky Liners

Coming soon
New and improved camera system

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And the modding begins here...

Since I have basically unassembled my truck many times to install all kinds of different stuff, I decided I would not do it this time. However, certain mods will need interior dis-assembly. The stereo is my first goal. I am using the Head unit out of Wikid , Kenwood 9990HD and the Subwoofer ,12" JL Audio Stealth box . The rest will be new purchases

Since I am going a different direction with how the inside of my truck will be configured, the last stereo components were going to take up too much space.
I am replacing both of the kicker amps with a major upgraded single 5 channel amp

Alpine PDX V9 D class, which provides 100 watts to each of the four channels and 500 watts to the sub channel. This is a big improvement. The Kicker 500.1 delivers 500 watts at 2 ohms, but since my JL Stealth box is 4 ohms, the Kicker only provided 275 watts.
The Alpine puts out 500 watts regardless of the ohms.

Looking at the Alpine verification certificate , the actual wattage was much higher 571 watts, for the sub channel and 113 watts, for each of the 4 channels .

Since I have this piece I will go ahead and install it. If it goes as planned it will be installed under the drivers seat. I can go ahead and prewire everything to the specific locations as well .

How do you like my new truck? Sorry for the grainy picture , it was dark out.
As you can see the seats are out . I will be mounting the amp under the drivers seat. I can pre run all the wiring for speakers, amp, frig, radio's and install o few more usb plugs. Hopefully when I switch the head unit over, ot will just be plugin in all the cables and wires


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Hold for commenting on future build.
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Did she report herself or Don for spamming the same post over "Hold"? :lol::lol::lol:

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Heck, I'd just like to see it!!! :rocker: Do the cement ones really look as good in person as they so in pics????:thinkerg: If I thought I could get away with it(wife isn't color bllind):rofl:, I'd go get me one!!!:cheers:

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Hold for commenting on future build.
Jess , you get a special place in the "The Rock" build,, afterall , you helped with the name inspiration:cheers:

Sneaky sneaky :ninja:

I'll subscribe :cheers:
Hold for future comments on FJess's comments on Wikid's build-:lol:
Hold for additional commentary featuring many ooohs, aaaahs, and damn-it-why-didn't-I-think-of-thats.
Self reporting :lol:. Don't worry I'm sure Don will absolve you of the sin :rofl:

Don - I apologize for my contribution on crapping up a pre-build build thread even before its gone. Feel free to remove mine as well. I will follow suite a self report haha.
Did she report herself or Don for spamming the same post over "Hold"? :lol::lol::lol:
Don, you should see what they did to my thread. I figure after that, your's is fair game... :rofl::lol::cheers:
All of you are TC'ers Thread Crappers :lol:

Heck, I'd just like to see it!!! :rocker: Do the cement ones really look as good in person as they so in pics????:thinkerg: If I thought I could get away with it(wife isn't color bllind):rofl:, I'd go get me one!!!:cheers:
I really does look good . I was impressed, but can't wait until it looks like an off-road truck

I actually started to fill in the build section that I held . I have been sick as a dog, so I just get her done with no progress pics,.
The entire stereo system is pre-wired . All the way to having the components and amp installed . I even ran the ham antenna with the Boztec mount. Tomorrow will be the head unit . I am still waiting on the last set of speakers Focals for the rear, But the wires are there and ready .
Hopefully I am over being sick tomorrow

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I'm looking forward to the speaker install. I really want to upgrade my stuff this time around.

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I haven't tried it out in actual wheeling, but there is a parking lot, with what looks like a gravel pad for another store. One side of it has a curb, then about a 3 ft rise at I would say 40% . You can see the places where some of the vehicles have tried to climb it and dug in real well. I put it in crawl control a few feet before the curb. No locker no a-trac. I set it at the second lowest speed, then let it do what it does. When it got over the curb and the front wheel got to the level spot after the 40% bump. it used the gas pedal and did the climbing all by itself. I was impressed.

I know, I know that wasn't a real good test, but I can't wait to get it in a place where I can get it to maximum ability to see what the limitations are. It was at least impressive on the bump :lol:
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