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Hey ,

This is the build up of my FJ. I'm Starting this tread a little late but Better now before I do way to much to it.

This Is what it looks like as of now.


-3” Pro-comp Lift , Front and rear Coils & ES6000 Shocks
-4x Spider Trax 6061T6 1.25” Spacers
-5X 17" American Racing wheels
-33” Terra Grappler's
-Wheel wells have had sound damping spray


-N-fab PreRunner With custom reinforcements - Custom Winch Mount coming
-Trail worx Rear bumper with Swing out tire rack and 2x Jerrycan holders – Custom Cut and welded stronger added gussets
-FJ logo cut into Nfab Bumper
-Bushwacker Fender Flares
-Custom Limb Risers


-Stubby Ant.
-Trail Teams Door Handles
-Trail Teams Mirrors
-Front Tint
-Top is Vinyl Wrapped Flat Black
-Trail Teams Badge inside and outside car
-APC Baked and painted turn signals
-BAJA Drop in Basket
-Painted and rebuilt front skid plate
-EVO grille
-Mil. Spec 5l gas cans
-Hitch-bought not installed yet


-NFAB Light Bar
-5X KC Roof Rack mounted
-3X KC Pre-runner mounted 8”
-2X KC Rear Facing Roof Rack Mounted
-Rear roof rack Light mount


-Billet Machined knobs ** Im going to machine the emg. brake next**
-LED interior Light swap
-FJ Mats
-Trail Teams Badge
-Pistol Holster Mount
-Smitty built molle seat cover
-Cut Shift knob


-Billet Ram Mount for dash mounted IPAD
-Alpine INE-Z928HD NAV – Glove box mounted Ipod/usb and AUX jack - Moved to come out dash.
-Stock Subwoofer
-Back up camera on nav and mirror display Extended
-Focal 4" speakers mounted in dash in fiberglass enclosures.
-Ultra Gauge
-** in process of wiring in sub , have av cables ran, going to run some 4awg Anchor Wire after I make up the length and ends.**

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Looks Great!

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Looks nice! :cheers:

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Good to see a build thread with the N-Fab bumper incorporated. Keep up the good work.

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Nice looking rig! Be careful when googling it though. Apparently very close to a "rolling brownout" Don't look unless you have a tough stomach lol

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Stunning rig !

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Fixing my rear bumper aka making it better and retro fitting for back up camera & back up sensors.

So I bought a trail worx bumper from one of the members . Unfortunately I got very stuck when offroaing and I ended up having to hook up to the bottom tube with a winch and pull my self out. When doing this I completely bowed out the bottom tube and tweked the bumper so I couldn’t close the tire rack.
Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the bowed out tube but it was sticking out about 4-5 inchs more than the top tube which was in the same postion before the pull.

So After putting a 10 ton porta power on it and a tube jack I gave up trying to push it back in.

I decided To cut it out and make it ALOT stronger.

I cut out the old one and re-tweeked the bumper.

And decided to go with some 3/8 steel tube for the replacement tube. I ground out the reminets of the old tube and started fitting the new.

And put some cuts in it so it would match the bends of the top piece.

I also decided to add some ¼ steel gussets for strength and welded it up! In the process I cleaned it and prepped it for paint with the back swinging tire carrier

I Painted it and decided to make use of the new Pneumatic riv nut tool I bought to install some riv nuts so I could retro fit the bumper for back up sensors and a back up camera. I replaced all the threw bolts and install some riv nuts for clamps for the camera cord I made out of
metal braided and shielded camera cord.

Then I installed.

Then I Drilled a hole in the tire carrier and installed the Back up camera cable with a grommet.

then I removed the back panel on the door and ran the Cable in.

I coiled the extra into a pocket and secured it with some zipties and pluged it in and ran to see if it worked ha

came up clear on both screens!

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For mounting the Camera I used one of the preexisting screms on the hub cap and did a through bolt.

I also decided to add a clip to the release pin since I hit a bump at a high speed and had it open !

Cam installed all ready to go !

Finished Side shot of Bumper, Ill have to post more later !.

I will be posting a bunch of stuff Ive just done and uploaded just need to get it all sorted out!

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Making my holster

I wanted to mount a holster in my car. I looked all around for a company that makes a good looking mountable holster and found nothing. I wanted it to have a finger release like the BLACKHAWK! Holster but be mountable to this was my solution.

I started out with a BLACKHAWK! Holster. I wanted to use this because the 3 mounting holes on the back are generic through all there pistol holsters so I could literally switch out the holster to any other gun in under a minute by unscrewing 3 bolts and it has the index finger lock.

I traced out what I wanted on some card board and went to work.

I decided to go with starboard since its incredibly easy to work with , its black , and I already have a large stash of it.

I did a rough cut out.

And started machining it to thin down everything except the raised mount.

I then cut out the basic shape and drilled my mounting holes.

I counter sunk the holster mounting holes

And made some spacers for stand offs

and went home to do a test fit

then I counter bored each side of the mount for the socket head cap screws and the spacers.

Then I used my favorite Riv nut gun ha and installed some riv nuts and mounted it up!

And these are the Final install pics with painted hardware , spacers , the material Polished out so corners and surfaces are cleaner looking , more smooth , applied plastic cleaner and installed! Car is a mess.

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