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The Rules for selling here, Please read them!

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The "For Sale" forums are a classifieds area for selling goods.

When posting up an item For Sale, you must add your location and a price. You may add /OBO if you wish. As stated, you MUST list a price.

NO price feeler or I may be interested in selling it threads.

If you make a deal and don't honor it, you're Banned from this site.

If you require assistance writing an ad, let a moderator know.

We reserve the right to edit any post.

Please turn on your own "Receive email when a new conversation message is received" in your Accounts Settings, then down to Preferences.

and SUBSCRIBE to your own ad for notifications.

If you have an issue with the price, a distasteful mod, the conditions of the sale or the seller, please contact the seller directly via PM/Conversation.

***Do not post in the thread unless you are an interested party and potential purchaser.

*** If you suspect a SCAM, please report it immediately!

Thank you for your cooperation!

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