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Here ya go Joel,
First Alert - Tundra Fire Extinguishing Spray

How do i insert a youtube video again. The youtube link is missing

YouTube - Tundra Spray: Deal or Dud?

Only problem, is you have to be a little bit closer to the flame.
PROs? Will spray 4 times as long, longer shelf life, easier to use/store, NO MESSY CLEAN UP
I just bought two of these in addition to my A,B,C dry chemical extinguisher. Thanks for the tip and video!

For what its worth, yesterday, my son and I were driving around in the FJ and AGAIN came upon another pretty serious crash right after it happened. There was some smoke from one of the vehicles - a mini-van - but no fire. Also, everybody extracated themselve on their own - one guy had a pretty messed up lower leg, but everyone else appeared to be alright. I directed traffic for about five minutes until the emergency crews arrived. I went directly from the accident and purchased road flares and the two Tundra extinguishers.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts
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