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The Seattle Sandstorm Build

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Back in September, I picked up my '08 Sandstorm. Automatic with Upgrade Package 2.

It was pristine. A virgin, if you will.

It wouldn't stay that way for long...

I had some big plans for this rig... and I knew just the guy to help me get it done.
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That such a good color. I wish I had waited a few more months so I could grab one of the 08 paint jobs.
THATS AWSOME! I Love that color. And which roof rack is that? Is that a Ham/CB antennae?
This is a dumb question for you vets I KNOW. But is the real gobi ladder a direct bolt on part? DO you have to drill holes for that one as well? It would make me more hesitant if you did. Love the look of that thing though! What about clearence for the ladder with bigger tires?
1 - 3 of 124 Posts
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