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The Seattle Sandstorm Build

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Back in September, I picked up my '08 Sandstorm. Automatic with Upgrade Package 2.

It was pristine. A virgin, if you will.

It wouldn't stay that way for long...

I had some big plans for this rig... and I knew just the guy to help me get it done.
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Lookin good Rob, great to see you representin the Sandstorm color. I like that rear ladder, intrested to see your build-up. . .
I just stacked up 3 - 1/2" flat washers on each of the three studs and the tire fit perfectly.


After the spacer's and wheel on, how much thread do you have left ?

Mine will not fit ethier and it only a 33X12.50 but it's on a -25 offset wheel. I was thinking about doing what you did, but there would be hardly any thread's at all left, as far as I would have to space out to clear door. I was looking at this spacer to buy, or possibly make my own.

link to other thread:

(dont mean to throw this thread off topic, but I am in the same boat with the spare not fitt'in)
1 - 3 of 124 Posts
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