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Hello All,
I've been comming to the Blue Room for many tech tips and just recently become a member. As I'm a vet and a college kid, I'm not sitting on a decent amount of cash. The lack of building done to the bus also results from a general lack of "mechanical" inclination. As such here she is...

Sitting on the beach at South Padre Island. No Mods except the radar detector.

After a brief trip to the lake during a slight flood

I decided I needed to stay up out of the water.
I purchased a 3" Easy Lift Kit. Don't Remember the manufacture of it though. The bus, now sitting taller needed some meat to go with it.
BFGoodrich 265/70/17 A/T's seemed to be the answer.

A year of moderate wheeling and I quickly found out I was lacking some things.
The ATrac plug and play switch, and a crap ton of lights.

Right now, instead of spending anywhere from $200-500 on a rear taillight housing I'm trying to figure out how to fab up some kind of tail light housing of my own thinking.

For my current issue...


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Looks awesome all lit up:D How did you manage to bust both tails?
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