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The Soon New Addition To Our Family!

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We are ordering ours as a wedding day present to ourselves. But we wont be able to get it until the end of 2009 cause were ordering the stick shift.
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Never was a fan of Dodge Cuda's since my first car was a '67 chevelle ss (58k miles on it in 1985) but, this car is sweet. I don't know much about them yet but they look purdy!
Congradulations and have fun with the new gift.

from what i was told this year only 6400 are being made but the 2009's there will be 55,000 made.
Ares wont be worth as much as the 2008's but im buying it too as you all know us..... Beat the snot out of it :)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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