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I'm going to raise this bitsh back from the dead. Being the owner of the same truck now, and after replacing (again, eff you DNJ) every timing component with OEM Toyota parts (all chains, guides, sprockets, tensioners), I'm still getting the lovely little rattle on stone-cold startup (whenever the truck has been sitting for longer than 2-3hours). It's still only for about 1 second, but it drives me mad because I know it isn't supposed to be there. It is far quieter than FJoel's original death rattle, I would rate it at 3/10 on the death rattle scale. The VVT gears were replaced just before I did all the work, so they remained. I checked, double-checked, triple-checked, and quadruple-checked that the timing was dialled before closing her up. I've been continuing to use full synthetic as FJoel has since just after initial break-in, and OEM Toyota oil filters. The internals on the engine are probably the cleanest I've ever seen, not even the slightest hue of golden colour. Probably the best maintained engine I've ever seen. All cylinders were in the 180's for compression. Engine hasn't thrown a code since the timing components were replaced. I also have a mechanic background, so I feel confident that the work was done correctly. The engine purrs like a kitten a few seconds after startup, aside from the classic 1GRFE ticking.

Anyone have any other thoughts? The sound does still sound like it's coming from the front of bank 1. It basically sounds like a clackety rattle for 1sec that goes away once oil pressure is built up. Appreciate any thoughts anyone has, I'm happy to chase this around. The truck is my secondary toy at the moment so it can afford to be O/S for periods of time.
I went through the same timing chain BS and still get that stupid rattle, it gets nasty after a few days parked since i'm not going out due to the covid virus.

So far I opt to start it up with the key without the immobilizer so the engine turns, after that I switch keys and starts up rattle free, i've givin up on that issue.

All probably tear down the engine by the end of the year so i'll start buying parts soon.
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