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Thinking of picking up a TT SE FJ!!!

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The FJ Cruiser is the complete opposite of what I had been looking for. Originally I was going to get a BMW 135i... but looking back on my current BMW 325ci... it's just too hard to let go of it plus I most likely am getting sponsered to get a supercharger put into it.

So on the way home after test driving the 135i as I was driving on the freeway I spotted white FJ Cruisers with black wheels at one of the Toyota dealers next to the freeway!!! A color combo that I just love on 4x4's. I have always liked the FJ cruiser, but didn't like the color schemes they had... except for the sandstorm & black TRD edition ones.

So I turned around and checked it out. The dealer had 4 of them. Up close they look really mean... like a Panda on steroids!!! Didn't drive like the manual 135i I just drove, but they aren't meant for driving around the canyons... they be meant to drive deep into the canyons. But it drove really nice for an SUV. I also really like the sound of the TRD exhaust as I stompted on the pedal.

To top it off, it is exactly how I would want an FJ Cruiser... white, blacked out wheels and trim, various TRD parts... I usually get a serious mod bug when I get a car, but I think the only way I would modifiy this beast is by getting mud all over the white paint.

How is the FJ as a daily driven day to day car? Can it swallow alot of stuff from Ikea, Crate and Barrel, or Costco?

This wouldn't be a garage queen... my BMW will probably end up being a garage queen/ weekend track toy... this FJ is gonna go where my BMW can't go. I already have a license plate I want to get... PANDAFJ to compliment my BMW's plate... WLDPNDA.

I checked with Costco's autobuying program... and turns out the dealer I went to particpates in it... so they are quoting me a price of 29K (not including tax and license). Can a better deal be had?

Should I jump on the deal? Or should I give me some time to cool off and put things in perspective?
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I got mine through the Costco fleet deal too for $750 over invoice. I couldn't find anyone around that was willing to beat that price. He did not have one on the lot, so he had to work out a trade (which was tough because dealers did not want to give them up). They can disappear fast- the first day we looked there were 4 within 300 miles. By the end of the next day they were all gone. He had to trade from the master allocation list.

Mine is my daily driver and it has worked out great. Takes a little adjusting with kids and the suicide doors, but no big deal. I went off roading within the first week and the FJ was amazing. You'll love it.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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