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Thinking of picking up a TT SE FJ!!!

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The FJ Cruiser is the complete opposite of what I had been looking for. Originally I was going to get a BMW 135i... but looking back on my current BMW 325ci... it's just too hard to let go of it plus I most likely am getting sponsered to get a supercharger put into it.

So on the way home after test driving the 135i as I was driving on the freeway I spotted white FJ Cruisers with black wheels at one of the Toyota dealers next to the freeway!!! A color combo that I just love on 4x4's. I have always liked the FJ cruiser, but didn't like the color schemes they had... except for the sandstorm & black TRD edition ones.

So I turned around and checked it out. The dealer had 4 of them. Up close they look really mean... like a Panda on steroids!!! Didn't drive like the manual 135i I just drove, but they aren't meant for driving around the canyons... they be meant to drive deep into the canyons. But it drove really nice for an SUV. I also really like the sound of the TRD exhaust as I stompted on the pedal.

To top it off, it is exactly how I would want an FJ Cruiser... white, blacked out wheels and trim, various TRD parts... I usually get a serious mod bug when I get a car, but I think the only way I would modifiy this beast is by getting mud all over the white paint.

How is the FJ as a daily driven day to day car? Can it swallow alot of stuff from Ikea, Crate and Barrel, or Costco?

This wouldn't be a garage queen... my BMW will probably end up being a garage queen/ weekend track toy... this FJ is gonna go where my BMW can't go. I already have a license plate I want to get... PANDAFJ to compliment my BMW's plate... WLDPNDA.

I checked with Costco's autobuying program... and turns out the dealer I went to particpates in it... so they are quoting me a price of 29K (not including tax and license). Can a better deal be had?

Should I jump on the deal? Or should I give me some time to cool off and put things in perspective?
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Just do it! I got mine 2 months ago through Costco-$675 over invoice. I have always had smaller sports cars and have no regrets. Wait till you take this thing off road, amazing!! Post some pics when you get it..
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