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Thoughts on Powder coating Icon Billet UCAs?

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I plan on ordering billet upper control arms soon from icon for my 07 FJ, and I plan on powder coating them to a blue that would closely match my FJ. I do not know much about powder coating and have found a couple different places that say it might affect the strength and durability of it. I have seen a couple of people here on the forum powder coat their billet lower links and I just want to know if this would be a good idea and if they would hold up well, thanks in advance
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Most powder coat paints are cured between 350-450F, and that is within the temperature range that will affect the temper of heat-treated aluminum alloys. Icon billet control arms are machined from 6061 alloy, and some 6061 hardening processes are performed at temperatures as low as 320F, so I would NOT have them powder-coated. Wet paint would be fine.

I'd contact Icon and get their input, but as far as I can tell Icon does not offer powder-coated billet control arms.
I would look at the 2 part epoxy paint systems ( ENDURA) for that application.
Either 2-part epoxy or 2-part urethane systems would probably be the 'best' solution, with the parts lightly grit-blasted (not bead blasted) before applying the appropriate primer. However, the 2-part systems are quite a bit more complex to mix, apply, and clean out the spray equipment. The urethane systems are typically a little more chip-resistant than the more brittle epoxy systems, but scratch more easily.
ENDURA you can by spray cans ready to go, pretty straight forward.

The Endura 2K system is interesting, I hadn't seen that before, where the catalyst is injected into the aerosol can and mixed inside the can before being sprayed. Of course, once catalyzed any paint you don't spray immediately is history.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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