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Thoughts on Powder coating Icon Billet UCAs?

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I plan on ordering billet upper control arms soon from icon for my 07 FJ, and I plan on powder coating them to a blue that would closely match my FJ. I do not know much about powder coating and have found a couple different places that say it might affect the strength and durability of it. I have seen a couple of people here on the forum powder coat their billet lower links and I just want to know if this would be a good idea and if they would hold up well, thanks in advance
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I once ran Icon's billet alum arms with their Delta joints. Eventually removed and sold them. They are way over priced and don't provide an additional benefits over other quality brand arms. In my humble opinion, consider saving yourself some cash and go with SPC or JBA arms. Rattle can them the color you want.

I'm currently using JBA High Caster arms. Best money spent. Rugged and functional product. Provides perfect caster angle on my vehicle. Easy to service should the need arise which it won't. Additionaly, JBA provides outstanding customer service. On JBA's website are several videos explaining the design and construction of their arms. Recommend you at least check out their site before purchasing the Icons.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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