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I think a thread should be started to answer a lot of tire fitment questions. Maybe it should look something like this:

"Lift - OME, Procomp,etc
Body Mount Chop - Yes/No
Wheel - size, offset, spacers
Tire - brand, size

Followed by a picture showing clearance to the body mount."

Everyone should post their info in this thread.

All post not following above standards get deleted by mods.
I guess essentially it would be a lift/wheel/tire sticky.

Think this might work?
It's not for me. I can do my homework on offsets and tire sizes no problem. It's for the constant fitment questions.

Please someone try it out for me.

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Although I would love to see something like this, there are still a few problems
Aftermarket uca's? Change the clearance game. Front end alignments do too. The clearance also comes into play. I cleared fine with my set up. Even with some poser shots with all the flex I could find. Then I went wheeling and found rub I never had before. I even have a 1 inch body lift too. I think the tire diameter is incorrect from the manufacturer. I haven't investigated that yet, But I did remove my front spacers, while I figure it out. It also depends on how you did your body mount chop.
One other factor is, every truck is slightly different.
How much do you have the coilovers cranked too?
Many variables are still there.
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