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Just got done dealing with a confusing issue, hope this helps. I was very close to spending a lot of money that wasn't necessary.

Symptoms: Voltage drop under braking, voltage dive coming to a stop, good start with low idle, stalling idle, battery not charging

I was experiencing all of these issues for about a week and spent time testing the battery (test good), testing the alternator (tested good, including overcharging), and questioning pulleys/belts trying to figure out why my voltage was all over the place.

Easy fix: My throttle body plate was sticking. Cleaned it, drove until ECU reset.

I have an aftermarket intake (K&N) that had a fitment issue for a short time most likely contributing to excess grime getting into the system, however, I found out the larger intake can confuse the mass air flow sensor regardless. Since I had disconnected the battery to install a lightbar, my ECU was wanting to reset when I restarted and was attempting to do so using a throttle body plate that was not working consistently. Cleaning it helped the ECU find a baseline to reset and all is well (spent $100 to have it looked at).
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