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time to replace clutch & throwout bearing

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2012 MT. Looking to replace my clutch as previous owner had worn it out by 115,000 miles. I have no throw out bearing noise, but the clutch is weak and slipping. Looking for recommendations on clutches/pressure pate kits, and throw out bearings. URD is out of their stage 2 clutches, wondering if anyone has opinions on Spec stage 1 or 2. I am using the vehicle almost exclusively on road, However, I don't mind a heavier clutch. I'd like to have my flywheel resurfaced unless ya'll recommend going new. Any links to good threads on this would be appreciated. Any links to Throw out bearing kits that are best would be appreciated. Any advice at all on choosing parts appreciated. Thanks.
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I don’t think there is anything wrong with OEM parts. My FJ (w/243,000) is getting the clutch replaced with OEM parts this month because I find the whistle from the throwout bearing has gotten annoying. It’s original and has lasted this long, what’s to complain about? Maybe I’m not as hard on the clutch as others?
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Regarding my post #2 above, I just did some research. I could have sworn I'd read someplace that Toyota Clutches should not be resurfaced, always replaced, but cannot find that anywhere. What I found were tons and tons of threads, on various Toyota forums, in which it is clearly stated to have a flywheel resurfaced while the clutch is out if there is any sign of bluing or uneven surface. If the surface looks 'like new', then go after it with a scotch bright pad to remove any minor glazing, and then clean the surface until it is totally clean.

Resurfacing a flywheel costs something like $40 ~ 80 by a good machine shop, so that sounds like pretty reasonable insurance.

A new flywheel from Toyota is $350~400, so going to that, if the machine shop says they can resurface the old one, is perhaps only for those who are in for the "lifetime" award. Rock Auto sells off brand flywheels for $90~200 (" takes your chances").

Note that some Toyota flywheels have a step which must be maintained when being resurfaced (not sure if that applies to the FJ though). A good machine shop should know how to deal with that if it is the case.

When fitting a flywheel, whether resurfaced or new, clean the surface until the rag comes back totally clean.
If you want a oem flywheel, has the best price at 233.78 + shipping.
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Yes it is the throwout bearing making the noise. Replacing pressure plate, clutch disc, ball pivot, fork, o-ring (between tranny and transfercase), gaskets + bolts for exhaust, front driveshaft u-joints, (rear are done), and gear oil.
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