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time to replace clutch & throwout bearing

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2012 MT. Looking to replace my clutch as previous owner had worn it out by 115,000 miles. I have no throw out bearing noise, but the clutch is weak and slipping. Looking for recommendations on clutches/pressure pate kits, and throw out bearings. URD is out of their stage 2 clutches, wondering if anyone has opinions on Spec stage 1 or 2. I am using the vehicle almost exclusively on road, However, I don't mind a heavier clutch. I'd like to have my flywheel resurfaced unless ya'll recommend going new. Any links to good threads on this would be appreciated. Any links to Throw out bearing kits that are best would be appreciated. Any advice at all on choosing parts appreciated. Thanks.
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My 2013 needed replacing at 130,000 miles. I was disappointed. I have always driven manuals. I have put well over 200,000miles on clutches and they were just fine. It cost $1800. The clutch was never very smooth to engage. When it was under warranty the Toyota mechanics said it was ok, "....they all feel like that". I believe the throw out bearing was hanging up and letting the clutch slip. The clutch disk was definitely worn beyond limits. They replaced the disk with an asin part. They replaced the throw out bearing with what ever their wholesaler had in stock. The flywheel was resurfaced, at least they charged me for it. The shop did lousy work. Missing bolts and hangers from the exhaust system. Your first order of business is to find a better shop than the one that did mine.
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