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Generally, you will see improvements as they become newer. The engine changed in 2010 as did a few other things. Crawl, etc. got added in 2013. Very early ones (2007) had some fender bulge issues. All years, however, are good. There are no "dogs" out there or huge issues to be concerned about.

I think you should decide what you want to do with it and what is important. The 2012 that you are looking at appears to be an unmolested Trail Teams. It is a limited edition, so to speak, and has some off-road options that are not on the 2010 that you are looking at. I am talking specifically about rock rails vs. steps that are bolted to the body (on the 2010). The 2010 is not limited, has some mods that look cool but will not help, or even hurt off-road. It is two years older, with the same amount of miles and about the same price.

Either are nice, but pick out what you want for features. Me, I would get the RR TT..... the 2012.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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