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Tire Mounted Trash Can

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Ever since I bought my 4wd I have been trying to come up with a good way to handle the trash I find on the trails and the Wag Bags that me & my PETT (porta-potty) create. I think I am on to something interesting and with my upcoming 5000 mile 22 day adventure from Canada to Mexico there ought to be plenty of time to test things out.

The basic idea is just a big metal ammo type military can with a nice clamp on weather proof and more importantly odor & ant proof lid. Then I took 3 u-bolts a drill and a couple of rachet straps to make it all strong & secure.

The nice thing about this size can is that off the vehicle it is a great size for a camp trashcan also.
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Looks like a cool idea, I like it!:rocker::bigthumb:
I like what your doing.. Perhaps it could bolt to the tire mount instead of using the straps.. Some kind of adaptor would have to be fabed up.. But I like where your going...
I would love an adapter but lack the fab skills and time before departure...but after I return I plan to work on this with an AZFJ person who welds!!!
That's a positive, practical idea.

Hope you have a fun and safe trip.
ooh, mabey the same mount as the fuel can tire mount. awesome idea bro!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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