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Tire Rotation Help

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How often should I and all 5 or just 4? My spare is the same as the rest.
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all five. It depends on the type of tire and driving conditions on how often. Some do it every oil change to every third oil change.
if you rotate all 5, you'll always have 1 tire that's not even with the rest. unless you rotate every 1000 miles.... if you plan on remaining with your current setup, just rotate the 4 you have on axles, and change them when they need it. keep your spare new. just my .02.... if you rotate all 5, you must do it much more often then 3000 miles to keep them all within the same wear...
i don't understand what you're talking about. That doesn't make sense to me. If you have a full size spare, every tire place I've ever been to suggests all five. If you don't, and you destroy a tire, you will to put on a tire that is completely unworn.
Not to mention that on pg 301 of your owners manual Toyota tells you to rotate all five to "equalize the wear and extend tire life". It goes on tho say "Toyota recommends that you rotate your tires according to the maintenance schedule. However, the most appropriate timing for tire rotation may vary according to your driving habits and road surface conditions." You don't need to rotate every 1000 miles to keep even wear. Where are you getting this from? Of course the spare will be slightly less worn than the tires on at any given time, but if you don't rotate the spare, it will be REALLY uneven when you might need it.
All five, whenever they need it (5-10K-ish). If you rotate all five at 5000 miles, then at 25,000 they'll all have the same amount of miles right? Ron

PS: You may want to switch tires at some point and you don't want a new tire to dispose of. Been there, done that..

How often should I and all 5 or just 4? My spare is the same as the rest.
In the owners manual it tell you to rotate in this order: the spare goes to the passenger rear, the passengers rear goes to the passengers front, the passengers front goes to the spare, then swap the drivers side. I'd need to look at the book again but I think it tells you to rotate every 5000 miles. Just quoting the book here.
pg. 301 of your owners manual.
There is another thread here on the same topic. The general consensus there was you rotate all 5.

Spare to rear passenger; rear passenger to front passenger; front passenger to driver rear; driver rear to front driver; front driver to spare.

The method in the manual means you have a 3 tire rotation on one side and a two tire rotation on the other side so you eventually get uneven wear.

I've used the rotation I noted for over 40,000 miles and the tires are wearing very evenly.
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