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Hey guys- I've used this site for quite some time, but having trouble trying to figure out how to make a post- hope I'm doing this right.

I plan to eventually do a lift, but no time in the near future.

That being said- I need new tires and want the most aggressive look I can get with my stock suspension.

Originally I wanted the Duratracs 285/70/17, but read a lot of reviews saying they would probably rub and I don't want to do a BMC yet.

So now I'm between the Duratracs 265/70/17 OR the BFG KM2 255/80/17.

Any opinions??
and...Does anyone have pics of either of these tires ON STOCK SUSPENSION?? Wondering which one would look better/bigger.

From what I've read, both these tires should fit with no rubbing at all under my stock FJ, but if I'm mistaken, please correct me.

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