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Tolland state forest july 20th

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Great run for newbies if anyone wants to come let me know. Tolland ct. about 45 mins from exit 3 off the mass pike. 11 rigs going so far all jeeps one dodge ram.
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I'll be there
crap i didnt even say the time duh well its at 11 at the town hall omg im so dumb sometimes.
My friends, Brother, and I all had a ton of fun, those trails were just what was needed after this week. I've got some good pictures and a couple of videos. The vids will probably take a little while but I'll get them up. Great day, great wheelin, great people, i cant complain.
i had fun besides having to go find 3 lost jeeps, but that was my last run there till its snowy. Alot more fun in the snow. But i guess the jeep guys are talking about doing a westfield trip so idk. Cant wait till pics and vids
Sounds like you all had fun, wish I could have made it o well next time. Can't wait to see the pics and vids.
ya i dont have any but i think there video coming.
Here are some pictures. It may take a while for the video to be up, I'm having some issues with it.

these might take a while to load

Didnt go much farther after that.

only after shots of mine

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sweet main i got the second pic of mine blown up on my computer screen, seems like you have a really nice quality camera there. Well this was the only real muddy section. Sad alot of the jeeps and rigs didnt even try.
Yeah, there wasnt a whole lot of mud, just some water crossings and then the mud pit, mostly trail. My FJ will forever have mud from that day caked on it some where. I'm probably going to head out there again with a smaller group of friends. Again I dont know how long it will take me to get the videos up ive never done this before and I'm still figuring it out.
awsome or as we say around these parts WICKED PISSAH!!!!!!
this thread is pretty old, you guys still have you FJ's? im in Westfield.
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