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Tornado Hit Toyota Dealership in Manhattan Kansas

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Last night Kansas got hit by tornados. Both Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas and the town of Chapman, Kansas suffered significant damage. Two people (one in Chapman and one in a nearby town) died as result of the weather.

The Toyota Dealership in Manhattan, Kansas was touched (see photos). You can see four FJ Cruisers, but the distance and resolution make it impossible to assess whether the FJs incurred any damage. A business a little further to the north was totally destroyed.

Manhattan is about a 100 miles from where I live. Too put it mildly, the weather has been a bit unstable lately.


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Wow. That sucks. I'm glad it wasn't any closer to you than that.
I was watching CNN this morning at work and they said that a boy scout camp was hit in Iowa, 4 died. The weather has been a little unstable every where up the midwest.
Lived in Oklahoma for awhile, I hated hearing the sirens, but at least they had them, here if you're not watching the news or listening to the radio you are SOL.
Wow, that is scary. Tornadoes just really scare me more than hurricanes. At least with hurricanes, we get some notice. Unfortunately, tornadoes sneak up on you. Glad you were not hurt!
Dang, Ken! Glad to hear you're OK, looks pretty bad up in your area. It's a scary time of year. My prayers are with everyone up there who've been affected by this. Take care!
I lived in Dallas for 40 years so tornadoes are a way of life for me as well. By mid-90's we had the city alarms too, but I always heard them AFTER the wind storm was over with. I do not disagree with the idea, I just recommend the sirens as well as a weather radio in every house. Now that I'm living in Central Florida I have the luxury of tornadoes, water spouts AND the occasional hurricane. At least life isn't boring around here. :cheers:
Glad to hear everyone is ok up there. Too bad for that dealership. Wow.
i have been through a few of them not usualy any fun
Wow .. that dealership is trashed..Glad your OK...we had a Tornado go through by us last Saturday. I-57 Richton Park, IL .. I live in CreteTownship about 4mi away. The wife, kid and I scurried into our basement and waited for the all clear via CB weather channel. Another good reason to have a CB.
RIP to Scouts... the good die young...
I used to live in Chapman several years ago. I live about 12 miles north east of there now. We had some hellacious wind that night. I understand the tornado that hit Chapman passed between me and J.C. on it's way to Manhattan. That Toyota dealership in Manhattan was the one where I got my FJ. Thoughts and prayers to all.....
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