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What is the proper amount of torque to use when tightening the motor mount bolts? And should I use Loctite on the threads or not?

The bolt has a hexagon head with a flange. The head takes a 14 mm socket.

I found this thread when I did a search in the maintenance section of this forum, but I don't understand it well enough to find an answer for this specific bolt. :mecry:

I found this info for the Toyota RAV in a google search but I don't know if it would be the same torque req'd for the FJ:

5/16 " grade 5 = 20ft/lbs
3/8" grade 5 = 35 ft/lbs
7/16" grade 5 = 56 ft/lbs
1/2" grade 5 = 85 ft/lbs
8mm = 22 ft/lbs
10mm = 42 ft/lbs
12mm = 70 ft/lbs
14mm = 95 ft/lbs

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look in the tec. articals for the service manuals and you should be able to find if not just call you local toyota dealer and they should be able to help you and BTW why are you having to re tourqe your motor mounts
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