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Totaly Stoked on my 2 day old Trail Team Cruiser BUT HAVE QUESTION!!

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Hi Fellow Cruisers.

I just bought the Trail Team it rocks!

Great deal too, if your in No Cal hit me up I'll hook you up.

Questions: I have driven the truck for 100 miles and just for kicks filled up at both 50 mile marks.
Day one HWY and city (SF) 14.7 MPG. Day two just city 9.8 MPG.

What gives? I thought the FJ were rated at 20 MPG this is almost worse than BEASTIE my 02 Tundra 4X4 which gets 17 on the HWY and 10 plus in the city...

Do these things need to break in to get the suggested mileage? I have never experienced this with any other car.

Please let me know!

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Sorry to say but most are getting about 16 mpg. At least I do but mine weighs 5,150 lbs
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