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Yep.. the dealership that runs the FJ rally is selling the owners/mgrs 2007 TRD FJ.. Take a look. I'm not allowed to post it on the FS because I am a dealer! LOL (unless they make an exception for us??) :) Its got quite a few mods recently, but now with two car seats in the FJ its not going to really work. :( So its up for sale. FJC members call me for special pricing or to make an offer ( call Colin at 321.223.6622) I will be glad to hook you guys up!

Super low miles with only 37k on it, and all the mods have less then 8K on them!
Stuff that I can remember off hand.
Toytec ultimate lift,
Metal tech sliders.
aluminess bumpers front and rear.
more little armor I forgot about. lol

Alamogordo, NM 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser UNKNOWN Used SUV Las Cruces, NM El Paso, TX Desert Sun Motors | A4084A | JTEBU11F870064069

CALL ME!! NOT THE DEALERSHIP! for more info! Thanks TOTH gang! Please spread the word!
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