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Tour of URD World Headquarters

To Toyota truck owners, Underdog Racing Development are the mad scientists of high-tech engine development. Their hot-rod products for Toyota are in a class by themselves. They can safely double the output of your Yota engine while making it last just as long as the rest. They do it not with brute force, but with carefully optimized software and hardware products that work as one with your stock 4.0 1GR FJ engine. Never are factory parameters exceeded, making for a totally trouble-free hotrod Yota.

URD is the brainchild of Brian Trager, and "Gadget" the well-known Toyota engineer at GadgetOnline . They also provide the finest in customer and technical support. At URD you are talking to the designers themselves.

A long-established brand in the 4Runner, Tundra and Tacoma community, they launched into the FJ scene two years ago with the first supercharger for FJ. Right after I bought my FJ, I remember looking up Jason Demello's URD truck on TTORA when a supercharger was really really big news. I think it was about 10 minutes before I called up URD and talked with the Brian. I was down there right after lunch with $.

Since then Jason, Spincycle, me and others have had thousands of awesome, trouble-free miles. It's good that the cheaper TRD has allowed so many others to join in the fun. Other popular URD products for FJ are the quick shift kit, Y-pipe, exhaust and fueling systems, and a wide variety of esoteric ECU tuning and sensor systems. I was surprised to learn how much tuning and tweaking is done with the mouse these days.

Above is Nathan rewriting the MAP for a customer's MAF/Timing Calibrator to match their car. This URD unit is a fuel calibrator that modifies the signal from the MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor, and it also calibrates ignition timing. MAF calibration is used to remap the fuel curve to optimize fuel mixture for all driving conditions from normal driving, to high boost. When Brian Trager calibrated mine, we drove around at different throttle settings and he adjusted advance and mixture for dozens of different conditions. I got about 2 MPG better and ran much much smoother than before.

This is my old drill press which I noticed had been meticulously vacuumed clean, like everything else in the place. A sign of sick minds.

Going past the shelves I was overcome by a desire to stuff my pockets with really cool looking parts that I had no use for. All labeled, counted and ready for shipping.

The famous Quick Shift kits stacked up like Fort Knox. So... shiny.... must... have...

The Rotrex blower, for which URD are the exclusive US agents, is a beautiful piece of Danish technology. Much more efficient than any other supercharger, or any turbocharger. Read up on it at

These are Air/Fuel Ratio Calibrators, which precisely adjust mixture in addition to a whole bunch of other stuff.

State of the art Denso oxygen sensors

Beautiful little pulleys... must... put in pocket...

Up to the front office to see everybody pretending to work. This is the new guy Dan, a hotshot Yota and BMW technician. He has a baby on the way so he pulls overtime pretending to be working.

Following are three posed pictures of individuals also intended to simulate working. I couldn't pick one so I put in all three. Brian Trager is one of those guys with a phone permanently stuck to his ear, and despite that the nicest guy you'll ever meet. He built a 800 HP twin turbo 4Runner - no misprint - that's in the warehouse. When you call URD he will take care of you very well.

We brought Nathan in for a "management conference" kind of photo. Not lively enough I think.

Trying not to crack up. Now to check out my office at URD:

I would look forward to spending many a pleasant reading hour in here, if I only worked here.

Probably the coolest wall art around. Quick shift kit above.

And out back is Todd in his usual position. If there's one thing I am over it's wrenching on my FJ, which somehow I do just about every day.

And yes, that is a broom handle holding up the hood. But fortunately the pros at URD will be there and that will be part 2 of this little article tomorrow....


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Great write-up and looks like a fun visit. One thing I still have not touched on my truck is engine performance. Consensus at MAF has been that if I were to supercharge, technically URD would be the way to go.

So when are you going to enter the spaceship in the Baja 1000? :) Forget both Two Roads teams, your beast would kick their combined asses at this point.

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Thanks for the tour.

Where is the "group buy"?:clap:

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I have been told that it was a very nice to have A2A stopping by the shop. I wish I was there.

Here is a couple of pictures that he missed:

That is Brian's Twin Turbo 4Runner.

Here is another little project we are not talking about:

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