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Lifetime member here from about 10 years ago. I lost track of the forum after it switched from Tapatalk to the independent forum, and just found it again.

I’ve owned my 2010 FJ since September of 2009, and it’s now 10 years old with 167K miles. Other than the steering wheel shake common to the FJ, I’ve had no issues. I work my FJ hard but I maintain the heck out of it.
Here’s a couple of photos taken today, as I loaded up my little John Deere to test out the new (to me) trailer and trailer brake system.
I live in the hills of north Georgia where 5-10% grades are common. It pulled it fine. Better than I expected. 1D83AB8F-514B-4BC0-AB47-5FA9CD16FEAD.jpeg 1D83AB8F-514B-4BC0-AB47-5FA9CD16FEAD.jpeg 600E7CF3-6BB7-4728-AD81-82C3913B3EC5.jpeg 0127AF7B-0028-45EC-ADA6-DCF97E712F42.jpeg
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