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I have a stock 07 FJ ,I'm looking to buy a toy hauler,not sure of how long or the weight of a trailer I can tow ? and what can I do to help my rig live longer towing ,, any idea's
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5000 is the max towing capacity. Take into account all of the weight in the FJ as well into this. If you have 4 people that weigh 150 (600), then 200 in gear, subtract 800 for this. If towing a boat, take into account weight of trailer.
The FJ is equipped with a class III trailer hitch, meaning the tongue weight cannot exceed 500 lbs. If your a decent sized male (im 6'1" 180) and cannot lift the trailer tongue at all, you may need to shift some things around in your trailer to make the weight less on the hitch.
Also, any trailer with cargo that exceeds about 2000lbs, should have trailer brakes. I couldn't imagine trying to stop a 5000 lb trailer without trailer brakes (think 3800lbs wakeboard boat + 1000 lb trailer with no trailer brakes = the FJ not stopping and quickly going through brake pads)

Also, put it in 4th gear. If you leave it in drive the transmission will be shifting in and out of Over Drive a lot and cause the transmission to run hot. In chevy's, the "tow/haul" mode button turns off OD. You will get worse mileage though.
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One additional thing to consider . . . wind resistance !

My experience with towing various boats is that they pull very easily for their size and offer very little wind resistance. When you hook up a cargo trailer or a toy hauler and hit the interstate, I think the wind resistance is going to surprise you. The faster you go the more you will notice the resistance . . . and its influence on your gas mileage. I hope you find a small toy hauler.
Wind resistance is 4 times as great when going 60 as compared to 30.
My FJ already is a beast to keep on the road in high cross winds.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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