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I have a stock 07 FJ ,I'm looking to buy a toy hauler,not sure of how long or the weight of a trailer I can tow ? and what can I do to help my rig live longer towing ,, any idea's
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I looked at a few tent trailers based on an aluminum frame. They have a flatbed area large enough for two ATV's up front, & aluminum Loading ramps, the tongue weight was good based upon 800 pounds cargo weight for two ATV's. One trailer had Roof Air, & both trailers have Bathrooms. The other trailer I would consider is a Hobbi. I am not sure about who builds it, but there is a used one by me, & with two ATV's in the back, It would be just fine for the tongue weight. I would definetly do a hitch with load distribution-or sway bars as some people call them, & trailer brakes on the FJ, if I were pulling a trailer of that size. I pulled my tent trailer a few weeks ago with just the regular hook-up & the FJ did just fine. Once on the freeway, I put it in drive, if I went below 45 mph, then I put the FJ in 4th. My tent trailer with boat & small engine on top weighs about 1,200 lbs, & very little tongue weight. I am thinking about upgrading the trailer to a toy hauler type tent trailer as well. So I have been looking at the smaller trailers that will will sleep 6 people & carry all the #*@& to the lake or the dunes. (What happened to K.I.S.S.-Keep It Simple Stupid)
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