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Toyota Emblems blacked out

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Do you guys know if any of the years comes with blacked out emblem? Or they are all painted ? I would like to purchase an already blacked out OEM one since my fj is getting painted. Screen shot this pic off eBay for reference

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They are held on with tape. I took mine off. I like the clean look. Plus it keeps people guessing what it is. You’d be surprised…
Interesting. What did you do, use a heat gun and pry?
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FJ Cruiser Decals

I have a 2013 Trail Team cement grey with red accents. I wanted an additional pop on the front and back of my vehicle to go along with the red TRD lettering on my lower skid plate. I decided to change the silver Toyota lettering to red in the front grill of my FJ. I searched and found a company who does custom vinyl decals for the FJ and other vehicles. The company is The cost for the front was about $15.00 and there are about 36 colors to choose from. The company provides instructions. I cleaned with alcohol and used a q-tip. The company seems reputable and they even send you an extra letter to practice with in the event you make a mistake. My thought was even if I put it on and do not like it I should be able to take it off without causing any damage and only spend $15.00 on the front and $15.00 on the back.
You can also add the decals in other areas of your FJ. I was very happy and it only took me about 20 minutes. Here are some before during and after pictures. I did the rear lettering as well. They do not have an option to change the emblem. I get a lot of comments on the lettering.
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This is great, thanks. I'm going to give this a shot.

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