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Toyota FJ Cruiser Paint Chart and Media Archive

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Above is the chart for color codes, chassis codes and brochures for the 2007- FJ Cruiser. I maintain a lot of this information on my site and welcome your criticism. If you see any errors please let me know and I will correct them quickly.

Army Green (2KD) 10-

Black Cherry Pearl (2JT) 07-07

Black Diamond Pearl (2JW) 07-08

Brick (2JX) 08-

Iceberg White (058) 08-

Sandstorm (2JY) 08-

Silver Fresco (2KB) 09-

Sun Fusion (2JU) 07-

Titanium Metallic (2JR) 07-08

Voodoo Blue (2JV) 07-09

Issue #1 Spring 2006

Issue #2 Fall 2006

Issue #3 Spring 2006

Issue #4 Fall 2007

Issue #5 Summer/Fall 2008

Issue #6 Winter/Spring 2009

Issue #7 2010

Issue #8 2011

Issue #9 2012

Issue #10 2013

(all these brochures and more are viewable through the site: Toyota Reference)
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First of all, welcome to the forum. :)

Second . . . great info in your post. :bigthumb:

I'll be initially moving it to Interior/Exterior Visual Tech for others to add comments/questions. Then a copy of it will be added to the Technical Articles section.
Thanks, I try to be a positive contributor to each Toyota site that I get involved with. Definitely move it wherever you think it belongs.

I've been running the reference page for several years now, and every time new colors are released I update the graphic and the original post, so keeping the topic editable is important.

I was THIS close to buying an FJ Cruiser, but I needed a truck bed too bad. Maybe when they come out with the FJ P/U I'll be writing as an owner and not just a general Toyota enthusiast.
They were just announced by Toyota. Non-metallic Black replaces Black Diamond Metallic (I think), Iceberg White becomes a standard color (was only available on 2008 Trail Teams Edition before) and Classic Silver Metallic replaces Titanium Metallic.
Nice thread!!!:cheers: Welcome to the forum!!!:wave:

Some new colors for 09 should be an OD green and maybe a non-special edition iceberg white, meaning that it will have silver mirrors, handles, bezels, and normal badging.
Some new colors for 09 should be an OD green and maybe a non-special edition iceberg white, meaning that it will have silver mirrors, handles, bezels, and normal badging.
Thanks for the cheerful welcome! What exactly does OD stand for in the green?
Olive Drab (military)
Aaaaah, well, I will cross my fingers! That sounds sweet. But until Toyota announces it (or I get a paint code from an insider) I can't add it to the chart. :)
Does this make my black diamond more precious.
I just scanned in the new vol6 FJC magazine/brochure for you guys.
I just heard that the 2009 Trail Team Edition will come in Sandstorm... not sure if that is going to be a white roof or body color roof yet.
i cant wait!! i hope it comes out.. i heard that toyota is holding out on them because they need to get rid of the 08's ... im not for sure tho... anyone have info on that??
Does anyone happen to have the Paint Code for the white roof? (2007)
Been all over the site looking for it...
Many thanx!
Just updated color information for 2010. Army Green is replacing Voodoo Blue, and the 2009 Trail Teams Edition that was supposed to be all Sandstorm will be a 2010 model.

Also, Toyota is saying that the 2010 FJ will have a new 4.0L engine, don't know the engine code for that, also don't know if this will affect the chassis code for the 10's.
UPDATE: The 1GR-FE was modified for the 2010 models, but still retains the same engine code, and chassis codes also stay the same.

Also, looks like Iceberg White, which was exclusive to the 2008 Trail Teams Edition and 2009 TRD Package, is now a regular color. Sandstorm with a white roof has been discontinued according to the Toyota website, and Sandstorm with matching roof will be exclusive to the 2010 Trail Teams Edition.
Just scanned in volume 7 of the FJ Cruiser magazine... if you can still call it that. Pretty much just a brochure now. Check the first post on page one of this topic for the link.
Just confirmed that Army Green is 6V7 and the two-tone combo is 2KD.
Has anyone found what the color code is for the black bumpers?
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