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Toyota FJ Cruiser TRD Editions with every option and some.... for 22K

I special ordered this vehicle brand new from Browns Toyota in Glen Burnie back November 06. In addition, I had the dealer add some additional items which are listed below. Please read on as this FJ is one of a kind.

The truck has about 37K miles and is perfect in every way. It’s never been off-road. I have spent a lot of money (approximately $12K) to set it up the way I like it. I have provided a detailed list of things I have done...

I order the truck equipped with the following:

Factory Skid Plate
Passenger Armrest
Drop Hitch Receiver
Toyota SE Leather w/ headed seats and lumbar support
Door Sill Protector
Toyoguard Plus
TRD Cold Air Intake
TRD Exhuast
TRD Stickers
TRD Black Chrome Wheels
Off Road Tires

Finance burdens me to sell thsi black beauty :( But it is your lucky day :) So call now!!! and ask for J @ 240 505 7055 I am asking 22k only!!!
I also have my V Strom Motorcycle listed here for sale.

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so random question for you... Do you have the OEM rock rails on this baby? and if you do could I convince you (using $$$$) to make a lil trade w me? I need a drivers side OEM rock rail... So if I shipped you my manik side steps and some money could you maybe send me the drivers side rail n just toss the passenger side or do what ever your please w it???
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