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We are going to build up a FJ for this years FJ Summit.

Here are the specs. Expect more soon!

2009 FJ Cruiser 4x4, AT, Elocked. Silver Fresco.

We will be adding:

  • Toytec/Bilstein adjustable front coilovers
  • Toytec Superflex rear coils with Bilstein 5100s
  • SPC/Light Racing upper control arms
  • Goodyear Duratrac 285/75/16 tires
  • KMC XD122 wheels
  • Toytec rear lower arm skids
  • Expedition one front bumper
  • Custom sliders
  • Piaa lights
  • Smittybuilt winch with synthetic rope
  • ARB rear bumper
  • Custom Rear cargo unit



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Looking forward to seeing it in person at the summit!!
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