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Ouray has earned the much-deserved reputation of the "Jeeping Capital of the World". Jeep trails, rated from easy to difficult, traverse a variety of terrain from extreme high mountain passes and rugged winding roads to areas of spectacular wildflowers that blanket the ground throughout the spring and summer. Four-wheeling enthusiasts travel here all summer long for the breathtaking scenery and then again during the fall months for the spectacular amber colors. In fact, the world-famous Jeep® Jamboree holds its annual rally here every fall. The roads and vistas are truly spectacular year-round.

Ouray Area Jeep Roads

Yankee Boy Basin

Imogene Pass

The Alpine Loop

A great fall foliage tour! This all-day trip through Lake City takes you over the historical Alpine Loop past mining sites, ghost towns, and through spectacular mountain scenery.

Black Bear Pass
Enjoy the thrill of true rugged four-wheeling in the San Juans! This is a heart-stopping and breath taking alpine trail to Telluride passing right by the spectacular Bridal Veil Falls.

Engineer Pass

Last Dollar Road

This road was originally an early supply route from Ouray to Telluride. This extremely easy road traverses through picturesque ranches, passes through beautiful aspen forests, and provides scenic views of the San Miguel canyon as you wind your way to Telluride. Beautiful in the fall with its amber colored aspen stands.

Ophir Pass

Governor Basin
Ouray County, Colorado

Cork Screw Gulch

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Excellent Jeff!

I also have all the major books on this area and can work toward publishing a "consensus opinion" on each trail (different authors rate them differently in some cases).

Also, I have tons of high-quality pics.

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Great Job Jeff! That web site is killer.

I made some notes based on my trip this summer. These are some possible trail itineraries for the Alpine loop ( just notes for discussion, you can fill in the blanks):

Alpine Loop

MEDIUM LOOP EVENT: All day, 4WD, 2WD, recommended
EngineersPass>Lake City lunch>Cinnamon Pass>Animas Fork Ghost town>(stock FJs-bail out turnoff S to Silverton) > Calif Gulch>Corkscrew> Ouray
I did this one in July. It was a blast, took our time for sights and photos started at 8 am, lunch in Lake city, back to hotel about 7pm 75 miles I think.

ADVANCED LOOP EVENT: All day 4WD, Susp lift , tires recommended, not recommended for stock
Engineer>Poughkeepsie>Calif>Animas Fork Ghost town>Calif Gulch>Corkscrew
Poughkeepsie being the most difficult, Graham did this i think.


Easy- stock FJs : 4WD, 2WD, stock recommended
Last Dollar Trail>Telluride> (Ophir?) This is a scenic and easy trail for beginners and stock.


Black Bear>Telluride>Imogene return?
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