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2014 Fj Cruiser Ultimate Edition - Heritage Blue
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A few months ago I replaced my factory Trail Teams blackout front bumper on my 2014 TTUE with a DeMello off-road bumper and since I don’t have any use for the bumper anymore I might as well sell it. I’ve taken it apart and I’m selling it in pieces as it is cheaper to ship that way.
All parts are in good condition with exception to the passenger side end cap. Someone backed in the endcap on the passenger side leaving a scratch and breaking three of the tabs used to click it into the bumper. Despite this it still clicks in and fits snugly and doesn’t wiggle around and has a solid fit. I have 9 out of 12 of the factory holding clips for the end caps, nine being because three were lost when it was hit. The passenger side end cap has a scratch as seen. I am willing to negotiate on the price of that. All parts will be shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and most likely in a box.
Ships from the Seattle, Washington area but will meet with you if that is more cost effective and depending on distance.
Lower Front Valence: $80 + ship, Pending
Lower Grill: $45 + ship
Left and Right “Wings”/End Caps: $80 + ship
Also available but not pictured is the entire bumper and parts of the hardware/supports, not including the lower valance, the wings, or the grill as I have disassembled them. Ask me for pricing on this because shipping raises the cost of this. I am willing to sell things as a package given that they are all available.
Ask any questions if they may arise.
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