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Transmission shudder advice

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So I got the infamous shudder and quickly panicked and took it for a wheel balance hoping for the best.. still a shudder so I take it for a transmission fluid change shop calls and they tell me bad internal transmission so then I start really freaking out until I read more into it.. so I’m thinking to just go for a transmission flush and hope that solves it all. What would you guys recommend?

p.s I just hit 223k miles
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The drain and fill is only like 3-5 quarts out of the 12+ (?) that is in the trans. You want fresh fluid to try and stop the slipping.

The stuff isnt cheap and there is a lot of it, so unless you are going to DIY, then have the whole thing flushed with fresh Toyota WS fluid.

I get them not wanting to touch it but maybe find another place that will, and youll have to know going in that the $300 or whatever is costs might be lost if it doesnt fix it.

If the flush doesnt fully solve it then a last ditch effort would be to add some 'Shudder Fix' stuff and pray lol.
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