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Don't forget to thank Steve, Lon, Pat and Darrell from GST for pushing this event through. Also Frank's boss Gary at TRD for making sure they got all they could including the rest of the Trail Team swag. Of course Tim, Seth and Ty for all their hard work organizing this event.

Even in these tough economic times it was great to see everyone pull their resources together to support the FJ community because they know FJ owners are loyal to Toyota.

Be sure to let Frank know that all their effort to attend and generous support have made The FJ Summit gets better every year.

I am looking forward to seeing you all in Ouray......:bigthumb:
Thanks Phil for adding to our list of thanks all the good people that are contributing to the success of the FJSummit! For those who don't know who GST is, Steve, Lon, Pat and Darrell are from Gulf States Toyota. Their contribution to this effort is greatly appreciated!

I have to say , this year has been a terrific community effort with contributions from many people! Including the good people of this forum! Everybody involved should...right now...pat yourselves on the back!!:clap: :cheers:
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