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Last September, after much research on this forum and getting local tire shop price quotes for 5 tires (!!!), I decided to go with Treadwright tires. At 50% of the price of a name brand set, I was more than happy. I went with 285/70/17 in their "Guard Dog" tread pattern with the Kedge Grip. I ordered 5 tires at about $700 shipped to Colorado, arriving inside two weeks of placing the order. They sent me 4 with Toyo A/T casing and 1 with Nitto Terra Grappler casing, which I used for my spare.

Fast forward to December...I notice numerous small cracks in the sidewall throughout the entire circumference of the tire, right below the tread. I immediately took out the 'ol hi-lift and changed it out for my spare. I took pictures and filled out their online warranty form. The next day I get a call from a Treadwright representative. He says they'll replace the tire no prob and was very polite and professional. I'm like sure, ya know sh*t happens. Christmas comes around and I fly home...out of sight, out of mind, figured my new tire would be waiting for me when I returned. It wasn't, so I called Treadwright and talked to a very nice lady who apologized profusely and said the order for my warranty tire never was put in. She fixes the issue and several weeks later when they got a Toyo AT casing in, I got my tire.

Procrastination paid off this time as you will see, and it had been a few weeks since I got my tire. This is now about last week time frame...I noticed two more of my Toyo AT casing tires had developed cracks *sigh* I still had one Toyo and the Nitto that was fine. I again took pictures, filled out the warranty claim and wrote to Treadwright detailing my entire dilemma. I received a reply the next day...outlined is our email correspondence as I don't feel like re-explaining the rest of the story lol

I am sorry to hear that you have experienced this issue. It actually has nothing to do with the actual retreading process rather it is rubber issue concerning one of our suppliers. We no longer buy their products because of this one batch of rubber. I will place an order for these two tires and send them out ASAP. Once again I am sorry you had to deal with this. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you, Blue
Mr. Borton,
I'm glad to hear that Treadwright is not directly responsible and
thank you for sending out the other tires with promptness. My problem
still, unfortunately, is I will have 3 brand new Toyo casing tires
(one I've received and two you're sending me), one Nitto casing tire
with 6k +/- miles on it (my spare I used when my first warranty tire
issue occurred) and one other Toyo casing tire with 12k miles on it.
The Nitto will go back to being my spare, as it is 10 ply and a diff.
casing obviously. I will then have 3 brand new tires and one with 12k
+/- miles. I'm not a betting man, but I'm under reasonable belief that
last Toyo tire will develop the same issues. Would it be possible to
send me an additional, third Toyo A/T casing tire? I don't want to
wait until my 3 new tires have X mileage on them, and then have to
submit yet another warranty claim for that last, original Toyo casing

If you need to see the old tires for any reason, I have no problem
arranging pickup. However, I didn't receive any instructions regarding
such with my first warranty tire.
We will be sending you an additional tire for a total of three. This way you will have a new set of 4. Please let me know if I can do anything else for you.
Kind regards,
Wow, very impressive - thank you very much. I initially decided to
purchase from Treadwright based on numerous positive online forum
reviews. Most mentioned your high quality control and great customer
service. I am not disappointed, and will be sure to pass on this
Thanks for being professional and considerate,
His last reply was from today, so here I am passing on my positive experience. I also think it pays to be professional and courteous when dealing with businesses, even if they are in the wrong. I would and will definitely buy from Treadwright again :)



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Wow. I am glad to see how well they took care of you.

I just ran out to my garage to look mine over and can happily report I don't have the same issue, but it is great to know if anything does come up, how pleasant they are to deal with.

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WOW! I just figured the little cracks were from how I beat the life out of my treadrights! I have had the same cracks in mine forever, and never had any issues with them, and I have over 60k on them. Doubt they would do anything about it now though. The cracks dont seem to be getting any worse, and my wear seems to be far less then normal if they were real "BFG's". I prob. have 70% tread left on these tires, and love em! Think I should give them a call?
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