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TT Edition for 29k?

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Lombard Toyota has a loaded Trail Teams Eddition with a sale tag for 29k in the window. sticker is 32 something.

Just letting yall know! Good looking truck! Thought about trading!! :)

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Yes That is my old Trail Teams FJC that I traded in for another Toyota. MSRP was $31,780 new as were ALL configured like this.

It is NOT loaded as it does NOT have the roof rack (yea!) or the trailer tow package or the spare tire cover. I had Mobile 1 5W-30 sythetic with the Mobil 1 filter on there but they switched it back to Dino oil with the Toyo filter. It still has the K&N drop in filter that I added in it however. Anyway if you are interested in this Vehicle talk to Shannon at Lombard Toyota and you should get a good deal on it as it has only 6657 miles on it when I traded it in. Want a WAY BETTER deal on it, since I know what they 'bought' it for, (and this ONLY applies to NON-members of this board due to the way I was treated after my first 2007 TRD rolled off Rollins Pass and I 'dared' to compare the replacement Rubicon with my RIP FJ TRD) let Shannon now about it as he will contact me and I will make arrangements with that person. There ARE reasons, related to the performance of this particular TT SE FJ, for why I traded it back in.
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That is what a base model goes for up here in the great white north!
There also 'WAS' a 6MT Trail Teams base that was listed at $31,000 but was sold for $29,000 OTD at Bredemans in Park Ridge to me! It had sat for two weeks with NO offers/lookers until I showed back (bought my first 07 TRD RIP here) up and purchased it. They are out there and you can get some very good deals on them right now with the price of gas being what it is.

Hum. Three 'special edition' FJC's in two years. Can't wait and see what special die-cast I will get this year?!
Sorry. I Can't/won't give reasons relating to my trading back this vehicle to the members of this particular forum other to say/type that it was 'performance related' and NOT in a Viagra kind of way.

I will say/write that Lombard Toyota 'was' a GREAT place to do business and will take good care of whomever does buy this TT SE FJC 5spdAT. It has been sitting there for about two months and they will be very eager to get rid of it, or ANY vehicle in there inventory. I did go out to see it tonight to take pictures of it with my new (for now) 6MT TT SE. It looks kind of pimped out with all the ballons and banners hanging on it along Roosevelt Road. According to the GM there so far not to many bites on it.
TT Edition for 28k?

I will say/type that it would probably be the cheapest LOW mileage 5AT TT SE in the country. When I traded it in it has only small rock pits in both right rear plastic wheel archs but NOT ONE paint scratch ANYWHERE on the body. I also gave them my free bottle of touch-up paint which was/is still sealed since I never had to use it.The windshield has NO pits/scratchs/cracks in it. The headlights will need to be aimed back down a little as I aimed them up a smudge for my off-roading adventures out west. The stock stereo with subwoofer sucks but that is ALL FJ's. I used at first 87 octane gas until I got out west and then used 91 and up if I could find it. First oil change (2000 miles) was free so I had the dealership do it and rotate 5 (including the rear spare) tires. I had a solid 40+ psi in all the tires for highway use. I put the Mobile 1 5W-30 synthetic with the LARGER M1 filter in it at 5000 miles. I also put the drop-in K&N in at that time. Like I stated above Lombard changed back to Dino oil and Toyo filter when I traded it in at 6657 miles.:mecry: No alignment issues and EVERYTHING works. If somebody wants a TT SE cheap then this would be the one UNLESS you want to drive in deep snows and use the rear locker/ATRAC in 4LO. This FJC has the same quirk that my 07 5AT TRD had in that regard only worse. If you only plan on using this as a mall-crawler or for light off-road then you should be fine. But for ANY serious snow/mud (never did that)/rock crawling where you are going to want precise throttle control there is a MAJOR flaw in this TT SE. Do yourself a favor and walk away from this one. SO far my 6MT TT SE is ALOT different/better. See two posts down for a better price start/break!
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$29K for a USED TT?

I just paid that for a new one!
TT Edition for 27.5k?

Well you paid $29,000 + tax/title/license. But no doubt, you got a good deal on it. Contrary to what many people on the internet would have others believe dealerships are NOT going to take a loss on a TT SE. There are still people that will pay for one of these. Plus yes the above TT SE is at a dealership that cannot or maybe does not want to order a new TT SE and has $29,999 for a price. My last title I changed it to TT Edition for 28k. That would be a good place to START for a TOTAL OTD (tax/title/license/fees) price. I would not be surprised if this one went for less then $27,500 OTD.
Re: TT Edition for 27.5k?

I would not be surprised if this one went for less then $27,500 OTD.
You sound like you work at the dealership or gave them your ride to sell on your behalf...what gives??? I really find it strange that you are advertising so much for this dealer. You got your 6MT TT, so what do you care if this dealer can sell your old 5AT or not!!!
Yep! You caught me. I work for this dealership. Damn your good! What gave it away? As to why I care what happens to it I can't really answer that. But after being in the Marines for 22 years I sure as hell DON'T have to rationalize anything! Maybe just maybe someone out there might want to know the history of this TT SE. If it sells it sells and if it don't then it don't. Either way I am not seeing a dime for this as ANYONE who goes there will see. They OWN the vehicle. Hopefully a NON-member of this forum will buy this vehicle!
I saw a new TT today for 29K and some change sticker also read around 32K but this one was new.
Yes I think that with the higher gas prices that many of these types of vehicles will be cheaper to buy over time. Which is great for those who are in the market for one!
are you saying that this specific fj has some issues, or all AT (hence your MT)? Test drove a new TT over the weekend and the wife would love one to replace her hi-mile 4runner. PM me please..

Hopefully a NON-member of this forum will buy this vehicle!
YES! This FJ has a VERY sensitive throttle that makes it VERY difficult to apply small inputs going off-road. Hence why it got VERY stuck out in Esterbrook, WY in March of this year. My first FJC which was also a 5MT (the TRD) was not nearly sensitive. I took this TT SE to Elmhurst Toyota/Lombard Toyota/and Burt Toyota to see if there was ANY fix for it. All three dealerships said it was okay or within tolerences. Driving it on highways or gravel roads it was fine you just get used to how it behaved. But after going into 4LO from Neutral into drive it was ALWAYS: (imagine pushing on the gas pedal slowly) nothing...nothing...nothing...a little....a little...slightly more...a little more...BAM WAY TOO MUCH... It was a all or nothing situation. And the A-TRAC... (sorry I just don't like the A-TRAC in Toyota 5 MTs! YMMV!) Bottom line was I was NOT happy with this particular vehicle off-road, and I know what was done to it to get it UNstuck with only 2000 miles or so on it with the ORIGINAL FACTORY OIL! Serious off-roaders should pass on this particular FJ. New TT SE's were at St. Charles Toyota as well as Naperville Toyota as of last week (6-10-08) that would be later build dates 3-08 (mine was 1-08) and a much better overall deal.
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TT Edition for 29k? OR 25,000

I talked to Lombard Toyota today and they have informed me that finally
after almost three FULL months later this TT SE sold for $25,000. Hopefully whomever gets this vehicle will enjoy it very much.
who cares :lol: ???
Well apparently YOU do since YOU replied back on this thread. I see that you have almost 1000 post on this forum. I want you to show me of ALL of your posts where I have EVER responded back (WHICH I HAVE NOT!) have I questioned YOUR motives OR disrespected you in ANY way! Until we meet...
I never wrote the comment out of disrespect. I wrote it because I highly doubt anyone is interested in how much your old TT sold for, seeing how unhappy you were with it. And seeing how unhappy you are with this forum and its members, I kind of wonder why you even bother. You seem to take everyones comments in a negative way, which leads me to believe you are really shallow minded. Oh BTW, I hope we never meet, since it seems you'd only bring a negative vibe with you.
there there children........enough
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