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tune the CB?

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I just did my CB install with a firestick antenna and I believe I need to 'tune' it for maximum reception?

1) Do I need to buy some tuning device for 20+ bucks or will a ham or offroad shop do it?

2) Can I do it manually? It seems to be just a screw at the top but not sure what it takes to tune it.

3) Should I wait for a trail run and see if anyone brought one?
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1) no need to make the purchase. CB shops, truck stops, and just plain CB enthusiasts have the SWR tester you require and will help you do the job.

2) yes, the tuning is done by moving the screw in or out depending on which way it needs tuning.

3) this MAY work.

The key here is NOT TO PRESS THE TRANSMIT BUTTON before you get the antenna tuned for your vehicle setup. A badly out of tune antenna can FR your transmitter and leave you with a CB paper weight.
so can i turn the screw while someone watches the CB for best results? Do it through trial and error?
There is what they call an SWR meter. Many of the San Dawg folks have one down there. Contact FJ FunJunkie. He either has one or knows who does, and it only takes about 15 minutes to get it tuned in properly.
What kind of CB do you have? Some of the higher end models have a SWR meter built in.
sry those don't have a SWR in it!
What kind of CB do you have? Some of the higher end models have a SWR meter built in.
Built-in SWR meters should only be used for ballpark figures anyway. They're typically off on the order of +/-20%.

Don't forget to be at least 25-50 feet away from any buildings and close all the doors when you do the tuning!
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