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2008 TT with 7 speaker system. My system is stock and I'm older and like the sound, so this isn't a discussion about what really is best, but I would like a tad better.
A while back I removed the rear D pillar speakers and replaced the cap with a 47uf. Surprisingly so, this was a pretty good upgrade for only 5 bucks. I also added some sound deadening back there as well since I have a ton laying around.
Now, the dash speakers are basically an 8ohm full range speaker capped so it plays only highs. It sounds pretty good because it's paired to the door speaker. Oh, one other thing, I have already added deadening to the doors, made sure the speakers were fully sealed as well. That made a dramatic change, little more mids now.
There are some pretty nice 8 ohm tweeters out there, ones that might need to be capped, or not. Has anyone done this, just added a higher end 8ohm tweeters to the dash?
I don't want to place 4 ohm speakers in the dash because then I have to replace the D pillar with 4 ohm and disconnect the groovy exciter speakers. Now, I will if I have to as I have some nice pioneer 3.5" coax's sitting around that would work fine as fill for the rear, but then I have to also get 4 ohm tweeters for the dash, etc.
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