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WD 40 evaporates....The "skim" of oil that is left behind is very prone to washing off in water. Rust protection from it would be minimal. I have seen guys mix it with thicker oils to undercoat. The WD creates a catalyst effect enabling the heavier oil to penetrate into smaller cavities in metal and paint. Think "watered down" or "thinned out" oil. Once the distilates in the WD evaporate the heavier oil is left behind.

My 98 Taco had over 435,000km on it when I sold it last fall...(I think I have mentioned the truck in a couple and I sprayed the undercarriage with Film-Fluid every fall. Just pick a hot afternoon and lay it on as think as you like. This oil is expensive (spray bomb approx $12) but I have never seen any oil creep (disburse) like this stuff. You can bet I soaked down the FJ last fall. I usually use 6 cans to cover everything.

Now the plan backfired cuz when Toyota recalled 95-99 Tacos the guy who bought mine would not stand a chance getting a big pay out for a rusty frame....Damn me for looking after my
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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