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Underside Jerry Can Mount

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I thought I would share my solution for carrying additional gasoline. For years I have carried Rotopax 2 gallon units mounted to my Frontrunner roof rack. I can carry up to four 2 gallon canisters of either gas or water.

However, I generally wheel in the desert for days at a time and my Rotopax have swelled significantly. As they are mounted horizontally, I am not able to bleed them once a day as the manufacturer recommends.

My solution is to keep the water on the Rotopax mounts on the roof and to install a 5-gallon Jerry can in the empty space under the rear deck. I bolted a mount that lets me drop the can straight down out of the mount but holds it tightly when secured and padlocked in. The lowest portion of the tank is still 3 inches above the bottom of my rear bumper. I just bolted the mount onto the frame rail. I only had to move the trailer wiring plug over a few inches.

I really only have the gas for an emergency as this would not be convenient to take on and off each day. But it gets the weight off my roof and I no longer have bloating Rotopax.


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It's a great idea for desert dwellers, but here in the south...well, the LAST place I want to store anything is underneath my Hell*****. Laying on your back in a foot or two of mud to get a gas can is simply undesirable and makes you either change clothes or have an interior mudfest the rest of the day.

I just ordered a Risk Racing gas can with mount - designed for moto-x and lockable and mount can be bolted most anywhere.

In some ways, you desert guys have it ezee...LOL
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