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Not you, the Toyota service center.
My brother has an FJ as well and he took his in for his 5000 mile service that includes one of his three FREE oil changes.
When he bought the FJ he had the TRD exhaust installed.
The conversation went like this: Stealership service monkey," did you hear your exhaust get louder?".... "no"...."two of your exhaust bolts are gone, some people steal the catalitic converters so we think someone started to but didn't finish the job. We need to order the bolts and springs from Portland Ore".
My brother lives in Puallap Washington.His exhaust was always somewhat loud but he assumed it was because of the TRD exhaust.
So they get the parts, install them and hand them the bill for $15 worth of bolts plus labor.:bandit:
Next conversation. My brother, " I'm not paying this. Isn't it much more likely the the installers who installed the exhaust didn't put the bolts in in the first place or they didn't torque them down correctly? And this should be covered under my warrantee." Stealership service monkey, " I suppose anything's possible".....later, "Yea, we can cover that".
Now his exhaust is much less noisy.
The point of this is I wanted to highlight how these shops will try to stick it to you anyway they can and you need to watch them like a fox in a hen house.
I hate crap like this!:rawr::rawr::rawr:
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