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Monthly performance discount packages for May 2008.
Sale will end May 31, or whenever supply runs out.
To order these specials you much call URD to place the order, 877-8URDUSA x2.

Package 1 $899
Doug Thorley Headers for the 5.7 V8 Tundra, Ceramic Coated
Second Generation JBA 2.5” Dual Cat-Back Stainless Steel exhaust

Package 2 $399
For those of you with the TRD Supercharger on your 4.7 V8 engine
URD Additional Injector / Timing Calibrator (replaces TRD control unit, end user tunable – Plug N Play ECU harness available)
Add an Innovate DB Gauge wideband gauge kit for $199.

Package 3 $699
For the 4.0 V6 folks
Dough Thorley Long Tube Headers, Bright Ceramic Coated
URD Dual Channel Rear O2 Sim
Innovate DB Gauge wideband gauge kit

I have posted this on a couple of forums already and gotten a lot of emails and PMs from people asking what the DB wideband gauge kit is and what it is used for, so here is the answer for that if anyone does not already know:

OK, I have gotten several emails and PMs from people wanting to know what the Innovate DB Gauge wideband gauge kit is.

Let me try to splain...

This is a kit that contains a Bosch wideband O2 sensor, a wideband controller, and a gauge. You can pick between red and blue display on the gauge.

The sensor installs in your exhaust and it reads the oxygen content of the exhaust. The controller interpets this info and outputs a signal to the gauge in a digital format of the air/fuel ratio of the fuel mixture that your engine is burning. With this info you will know if the fuel injection system is working correctly, you can use it to know what your AFR is for tuning one of our Performance Calibration Units, and so on.

Wideband shoot out

That is an article that was in a magazine that tested and compared a bunch of the more popular wideband units and you can see how they all stack up.

The Innovate one in the test is the very same wideband sensor and controller. The Gauge is the higher priced XD16, which we also have. The DB is just a cheaper more budget oriented gauge.

This explination and the article should get everyone up to speed what a wideband is and what it is used for.
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