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They're both pretty good units, with impressive features.

The newest firmware update seems to have solved the issues with Kenwood's flagship model.

I'm somewhat biased towards the Sony unit because of its "cleaner" user interface (looks quite like what you'd find on its digital cameras and camcorders) and affiliation with TomTom. Not quite sure if it uses a capacitative touchscreen (which the Kenwood unit has) or a resistive one (as with the older iPaqs and Treos).

Not really interested in Satellite Radio, iPhones, or iPods. Probably only dealing with Navigation and playing MP3s off a high - capacity USB memory stick. Routing the backup camera as well. Getting these two units is way too much overkill, considering I'm doing fine with my current TomTom and iRiver MP3 player.

Any opinions / experiences thus far?
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