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Using Torque Pro to Monitor Engine Performance

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Do any of you monitor various engine parameters with Torque Pro?

Can these be used to identify if you have a rich/lean running engine? Or perhaps an aging O2 sensor that needs replacing or anything else?

I've started monitoring some values with Torque Pro on my Android Head unit, and here's what I'm looking at, but not sure if these are helpful, or can be useful.

From top to bottom...
  • Range, Average Long-Term MPG, Trip MPG
  • Air-Fuel Ratio Commanded, Air Fuel Ratio Measured
  • O2 Bank2 Voltage, O2 Bank 1 Voltage
  • O2 Bank2 Lambda, Bank 2 Fuel Trim, O2 Bank 1 Lambda, Bank 1 Fuel Trim

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Anyone?! 馃槱

After a few days, I notice my right bank fuel trim is consistently lower than my left bank. Right is often negative, left positive. Does this mean anything?

Also Torque Pro paints a lazy picture of the O2 sensors. They gradually change. I gather it doesn鈥檛 sample frequently enough to capture the actual situation?
Oh, I discovered an issue with my config above... I was monitoring long term fuel trim on bank 2 (left) and short term on bank 1 (right) so of course they were always a bit out of whack. I'm now monitoring both short and long term trims for both banks.

The trims are usually fairly close and my observation is that the trim goes to zero or negative when coasting to lean out the mixture, and then adds fuel when accelerating to richen it... does this make sense?

This photo is at idle so the numbers fluctuate around zero a bit.

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Thanks... I'll probably add a couple of those to my setup. What can you tell, if anything, from the timing advance?
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