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I just installed 2 of the Vision X Solo pods in my lower grill opening. They are the 10 watt, 900 lumen solstice series. Here is a link to what they are:

Home - Vision X USA

I chose these particular lights based on the reviews i could find and the warranty. I also wanted the most light i could have in a small package and these fit the bill. They are roughly 2 inch cubes that put out more light than the stock highbeams and have a 50,000 hour lifespan. Cool stuff.

These lights are definently pricey, but I think they are worth it.

On to the install:

Remove your bumber:

Remove the mesh. It is held on by two plastic push pins on either side:

Remove the upper bumper attacgment point. Three 10mm screws hold this on. One in the center, and two on either side. Easy:

Now that you have your bumper beam fully exposed, measure for your mounting holes. I measured in from the edge 7 and 3/4 inches, and 5/8 from the back. You dont have alot of room front to back for the lights. any closer to the front and the mesh grill will rub on the front of the lights once you reinstall it.

You can also measure farther in from the sides if you want your lights closer to the middle. In Tejas we have to run a front license plate and I wanted them close to the outer edge of the grill. Another thing to consider, if you mount you lights any further inboard you may have to cut access holes into the bumper beam to facilitate installing the nut on the bottom of the mounting bolt.

Drill your holes where you marked and then stick the included bolt and bracket through the hole. The way I tightened the nut from the bottom is as follows. I used a ratchet and socket to hold the nut on the bottom and tightened from the top. Its a tight fit to get it to work, and as the nut got tighter i had to wedge a wrench under the ratchet and pry it up to maintain contact with nut. Between the hole in the front of the bumber, and the hole in the side, it will work.

Get the bolt almost all the way snug. The bracket will spin as you tighten. Once you get it tight enough it stops spinning, whack it with a hammer to make it straight and then snug it down all the way.

Pictures of how I got at the bolt to tighten the nut:

Now that your brackets are installed, go ahead and and mount your lights. Snug them down enough that you can still move them up and down to aim.

Now wire them up and test them. I wired them to a toggle on the dash using an "add a circuit" off the 30amp ignition fuse. I wanted the ability to use them independant of the other lights. Some people also chose to wire them to the parking lights. Just depends on your preference.

You will want to aim them with the bumper off for easy access. Aiming is up to you and how you want to use your lights. If they are driving lights, they need to be aimed so they dont blind oncoming traffic. Fog lights need to be lower to illuminate the road under the fog. If you only want them offroad, them aim them higher to project further.

Here they are mounted. I love how small these are.

Now that they are aimed properly reinstall all the stuff you took off.


Ill get some pics in the dark later tonite.

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Night shots.

These things are really bright. Even brighter than I was expecting. Obviously cell phone pictures dont do them justice, but you can get an idea.

Low Beams:

Low Beams and Solo pods:
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